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About Ashton Solar Panel Cleaning Services

Ashton Solar Panel Cleaning Services is a licensed and insured business based in Riverside, California, that specializes in clean solar panels. Our knowledgeable team is committed to providing trustworthy, quality services that go above and beyond for our customers. We emphasize eco-friendly and sustainable solutions and adhere to a code of ethics. 

Whether you require routine maintenance or a one-time cleaning service, our team is here to assist you at every stage. We guarantee customer satisfaction with our services as part of our commitment to doing so.

Make an appointment with us right now to learn more about the advantages of a solar panel system that is both efficient and clean.

Technology-Based Solar Panel Cleaning Services Near Riverside, CA
What We Do Offer?

  • A thorough inspection of solar panels to guarantee optimum performance.
  • Solar panels bird proofing to guard against bird-caused damage.
  • Innovative panels that prevent damage to equipment and roofs.
  • Solar panel cleaning with non-abrasive brushes.
  • For a streak-free finish, solar panels should be rinsed with ionized water.
  • Solar panel cleaning with a specially developed soap removes dirt and grime.


Solar Panel Bird Proofing

Gutter Cleaning

Window Cleaning


Solar Panel Cleaning Service For Your System’s Functionality

Keep a check on your solar system's performance by monitoring your monthly energy bills and usage. Use our expert services if you need your panels cleaned. Thanks to our specialized tools and cleaning solutions, we guarantee that your panels will be spotless.

Our Solar Panel Cleaning service perfectly cleans your panels, making them look brand new. Our company serves both residential and business customers, and we have years of experience cleaning.

Give your panels a thorough cleaning now.

Solar Panel Cleaning To Make The Solar Panels Work All Year Long

To ensure optimal effectiveness and a good return on investment, we use top-notch machinery to clean any quantity of roof-mounted panels.

Your solar panels are effectively cleaned with our RODI system, safeguarding your investment and extending the life of your panels. Our services also protect your panel warranty.

  • Eco-friendly cleaning products
  • Protection of your investment and panel warranty
  • Immediate and effective results
  • Panel inspection to ensure optimal performance
  • Maximization of panel efficiency and reduction of energy costs

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a license to provide solar panel cleaning services?

Yes, we are licensed professionals to serve you with the best solar panel cleaning services by visiting your place. 

Why is it important to clean solar panels?

Cleaning the solar panels timely is important for extending the life of your solar panel systems. By cleaning solar panels, you save yourself from future losses, giving you excellent usage time for your solar panels. 

Do you also offer other cleaning services?

Yes, we offer a wide range of professional cleaning services, such as commercial solar panel cleaning and residential Solar Panel cleaning, gutter cleaning, window cleaning, and more. 

Do you have all the tools that require for cleaning?

We have a wide range of professional tools that are required to do the solar panel cleaning process. Our team members are fast and reliable service providers who can clean your solar panels with the ease of using tools.

How do you clean solar panels?

Our process may include purification, removing stains, cleaning, and scrubbing without using any hard chemicals that can cause future damage. We can provide fast and reliable services with our effective cleaning process. 

Improve Your Panels With Solar Panel Cleaning Services

Go green and save money . With Ashton solar panel cleaning services, we ensure that your investment provides you with clean energy for many years, extending the life of your solar energy system by up to 20 years.

We understand the importance of clean and effective panels, ensuring that you receive a significant return on investment, even if you plan to sell your home.

So why wait? Take advantage of our professional solar cleaning services to ensure optimal performance for years to come.

Solar Panel Washing By Our Professional Team

Ashton's professional solar panel washing process ensures that your solar panels operate at optimal efficiency in both residential and commercial settings. We offer a wide range of affordable and efficient solar panel cleaning services that are both convenient and environmentally friendly.

Our team of experts uses specialized cleaning techniques and equipment to safely and effectively maintain your solar energy system. By having your solar panels cleaned regularly, you can be assured of the highest level of performance and protection for your investment.

Trust our professional solar panel cleaning services to deliver fast and reliable results, ensuring that your solar panels continue to generate clean energy for years to come.

Cleaning Solar Panels In California

As pioneers of solar panel cleaning in Riverside, we have built a reputation for our high-quality cleaning service and technical knowledge.

Our best service is Solar panel cleaning Riverside CA, which provides high-quality professional cleaning services marking clients' expectations and providing services at the lowest rates possible. Our leading company works day and night effortlessly to make a place in the list of leading companies globally by believing in respect, responsibility, innovation, and excellence.

Based on 4 reviews
Aliyah Babb
Aliyah Babb
My windows had many spots and now I can see clear! Thanks for the hard work!
Ellen Chapman
Ellen Chapman
Thank you Quinton! Our solar panels look great. I know the pine needles weren’t fun but you did a great job.
tracey clemons
tracey clemons
Amazing amazing!!! My solar panels were so clean after Quinton was done. I could see the trees reflecting off the panels, I have never seen them that clean. Quinton was fantastic explaining the process. He also took a sample of my water to explain how the hard water and chemicals were leaving a film on my panels. I was trying to save money by washing them off with my hose and a little bit of dawn soap. He even explained how the rain was even leaving behind a residue, therefore; the panels were not working to its full capacity. Quinton is very knowlegable and personable and took his time doing a great job. Thank you for the great job and hopefully will see an increase in my solar production. I will have to have him back to clean the solar panels on my R.V once I get then installed 😊
Dannell Clemons
Dannell Clemons
Ashton Solar Panel Cleaning came cleaned my windows they did such a great job that daughter and dog ran into sliding glass door lol thank you for doing a great job.