How to Remove Paint from Windows

removing paint from glass

So many people search about how to get paint off of glass. Whether you want to remove some unintentional paint marks from your windows or refinish old windows, knowing how to remove paint is valuable for various home improvement projects. 

Properly prepare the paint for easier removal, and be patient when cleaning the windows. 

Research indicates the average cost for residential window cleaning is $10 to $15 per window or approximately $4 to $8 per pane.

Removing Paint From Glass – Options to Remove 

You have to invest your time and grease your elbow on removing paint from glass, but we know you can do it! In this blog, we will talk about different options to remove paint from glass. So, let’s dig in

1. Wipe Paint With Soap & Water

The first step to applying to remove paint from glass is to create suds; add the dish soap to the bucket first and let it mix with the water as the bucket fills up. Moreover, place a towel underneath your working area to protect the wall or floor from water runoff.

2. Make Use of Vinegar

To naturally remove paint from the glass, heat vinegar in the microwave until boiling. Put on thick rubber gloves to protect your hands from the heat. Take a saturated rag and scrub the paint until it softens. Afterward, rinse the glass with a mixture of dish soap and water.

The crucial advantage of removing paint from glass is that you likely have all the necessary materials at home. You don’t need to rely on chemical-based products; simple ingredients like white vinegar and dish soap can effectively do the job!

3. Clean Window With Mineral Spirits

Simply, to get the results on how to get paint off a window, use the spirits to wet a clean rag slightly, then wipe the frame clean from top to bottom. Mineral spirits are a great substance to eliminate any last traces of paint because it’s frequently used as a paint thinner. Mineral spirits are available at your neighborhood home improvement store. 

4. Apply Acetone to Remove Dried Paint

Another answer to how to get paint off a window is to dip a clean rag into acetone and apply it to the dried paint, allowing the acetone to penetrate and start dissolving the paint. Acetone is a safer and less aggressive paint remover than other commercial solvents.

It is a non-VOC substance, eliminating the need for a respirator during use, unlike xylene, paint thinner, or lacquer remover. Keeping the rag from heat and flames is essential, as acetone is highly flammable. Believe me, it will really help you to remove paint from window and give you a fresh look. 

5. Use a Razor Blade to Scrape Away Extra Paint

When it comes to how to get paint off of windows, use a razor blade and slowly & firmly scrape the paint at a 45-degree angle, making sure to move in one direction only. On the other hand, keep the color moist by periodically applying the soapy rag to provide lubrication. Aim to slide the razor blade’s edge under the entire section of paint to remove it in one piece.

Make sure that the surface is wet before starting the scraping process. Before using the razor blade, inspect it for any dents or nicks.

Take your time during this step to prevent scratching the glass. Avoid rubbing back and forth or scraping too quickly, as it can lead to unintentional scratches. By doing this, you can easily remove paint from glass. 

6. Take a Specialized Glass Cleaner

After removing the paint from the glass, wipe off the window with a clean rag and glass cleaner. This step will help remove any soap residue and remaining paint flakes. Make sure to clean the entire window surface thoroughly. To finish this job, wipe away the glass cleaner using a clean rag or paper towel.

If you missed any section of paint after cleaning the window, go back and repeat the steps of using soapy water and scraping until the glass is completely clean.

7. Rinse the Window With Clean Water 

Hopefully, you got the solution on how to get paint off of glass, so be sure to rinse the window thoroughly with clean water to remove any remaining residue. You just need to use a fresh cloth to wipe the window dry after rinsing. This will help avoid water spots and ensure your window looks clean and clear. 

How to Avoid Paint From Windows?

Prep the windows: Use painter’s tape to cover the edges of the window frame, creating a protective barrier between the paint and the glass.

Cover the windows: If you want extra protection, cover the entire window with a plastic or protective film. This will prevent any accidental paint splatters from reaching the glass.

Use a paint shield or trim guard: When painting near windows, use a paint shield or trim guard to create a clean and precise edge. These tools can help you guide the brush or roller along the window frame without touching the glass.

Work carefully: Take time and work slowly and steadily when painting near windows. Use a smaller brush or roller for better control and precision.

Clean up promptly: If any paint gets on the window, clean it immediately with a damp cloth or window cleaner. The longer the paint sits, the more difficult it may be to remove.


Lastly, your query how to remove paint from window can be achieved with the above simple steps and the right tools. Now it’s up to you how effectively you use those methods

Study shows that the average cost to hire a window cleaner is $150 to $370, with most homeowners spending $260 for a complete house cleaning.

No matter how often you search for how to get paint off of windows, you’ll get the only results of Ashton window cleaning services because we provide affordable window cleaners to keep you within a budget.

Our skilled window cleaners use environmentally friendly solutions to eliminate dirt and unsanitary residue, resulting in impeccably clear windows.

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