Solar Panel Bird Proofing With Phenomenal Cleaning Services

Get the best bird-proofing in Riverside, CA, with our services!

We offer convenient solar panel protective barriers to block birds from making themselves at home on top of your home. Our solar panel bird-proofing specialists provide practical solutions that remove your problem for good. Solar panel proofing takes the stress out of solar panel cleaning and maintenance.

Bird-proofing solar panels provide points for solar array health checks, including the following:

  • Professional solar panel clean
  • Inspection of the integrity of the glass of solar panels
  • Check the roof fixings to see if they are still intact
  • Checking the framework of solar panels 

Bird Proofing For Solar Panels With A Regular Maintenance Plan

The solar panel bird stopper prevents birds from creating a mess on your solar panels, giving you better performance, cleaner panels, and keeping the birds safe from electrocution.

  • We only use the highest quality pure deionized water, which provides environmentally friendly cleaning power.
  • The protective barriers are installed so that other pests are not nibbling your wires or nesting in your solar energy system.
  • Our team offers a careful, detailed visual inspection of your solar panel equipment to prevent any panel malfunction. 

Solar panel bird proofing is the best way to protect your investment and improve efficiency. All solar panels have an effective lifespan, partly due to bird droppings.

Solar Panel Bird Proofing Services

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Solar Panel Bird-Proofing System Performing With High Efficiency

Our innovative solar panel cleaning process involves using long pole removal tools and devices to clean out nests and pigeon waste from both the panels and underneath them. After cleaning, we install a custom solar-proof panel screen using a unique attachment system that fits your solar panels and roof without causing any damage. Our goal is to provide comprehensive solar panel cleaning services that extend the life of your panels and maximize your investment in solar energy.

Our 3-step bird-proofing solar panels process 

  • Removal of live birds without hurting them 
  • Cleaning panel areas to remove bird droppings
  • Installation of bird netting to keep birds from nesting under them.

A Long-Lasting Bird-Proofing System

Our Bird proofing solar panels cost around $150 to $2000 depending on the size and complexity of the job. We understand that cost is a concern for homeowners, which is why we prioritize hygiene and cleanliness in our cleaning services to eliminate the need for expensive bird-proofing measures. By choosing Ashton, you can save money, ensure the reliability and efficiency of your solar panels, and maintain good relationships with your neighbors.

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Keeping Birds Away With Solar Panels

Bird proofing solar panels cost around $150 to $2000. It is essential to keep the panels clean, reliable, and efficient. Bird-proofing solar panels can be costly, but avoiding power loss and maintaining a good relationship with your neighbors is worth the cost. Bird-proofing solar panels is a simple process that can make your bird-proof solar panel last long; it should be done once every two years. This can also extend the lifespan of your bird-proof solar panel. Bird-proofing solar panels help birds fly freely and not harm any other living things around them

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I install a solar bird guard myself?

You can find installation materials, but we recommend using a professional service like solar panel bird proofing riverside to take care of these installations and maintenance. 

What are forms of payment accepted?

We prefer cheques or cash. But customers can pay through electronic payments, or even credit cards are accepted for your convenience.

Can your cleaning services disclose their charges?

Prices vary based on the ladder work, size, and shape of windows. But a general pricing guideline is around $5 to $16 per pane. 

Based on 4 reviews
Aliyah Babb
Aliyah Babb
My windows had many spots and now I can see clear! Thanks for the hard work!
Ellen Chapman
Ellen Chapman
Thank you Quinton! Our solar panels look great. I know the pine needles weren’t fun but you did a great job.
tracey clemons
tracey clemons
Amazing amazing!!! My solar panels were so clean after Quinton was done. I could see the trees reflecting off the panels, I have never seen them that clean. Quinton was fantastic explaining the process. He also took a sample of my water to explain how the hard water and chemicals were leaving a film on my panels. I was trying to save money by washing them off with my hose and a little bit of dawn soap. He even explained how the rain was even leaving behind a residue, therefore; the panels were not working to its full capacity. Quinton is very knowlegable and personable and took his time doing a great job. Thank you for the great job and hopefully will see an increase in my solar production. I will have to have him back to clean the solar panels on my R.V once I get then installed 😊
Dannell Clemons
Dannell Clemons
Ashton Solar Panel Cleaning came cleaned my windows they did such a great job that daughter and dog ran into sliding glass door lol thank you for doing a great job.