Commercial Solar Panel Cleaning Riverside, CA

Maximize your commercial solar panel efficiency with our expert technicians with years of experience and training in perfecting panel cleaning. Don't settle for DIY methods that may damage your panels, causing them to lose power and degrade over time. Our affordable commercial solar panel cleaning cost saves you money with regular maintenance plans. Let us help you keep your panels clean and working at maximum efficiency.

Let us help you keep your solar panels clean and working at maximum efficiency.

Our core exterior cleaning services:

  • Solar panel cleaning
  • Solar panel bird proofing
  • Gutter cleaning
  • Window cleaning

Ashton's Solar Panel Cleaning Services

Ashton offers commercial solar panel cleaning, an easy-to-use and cost-effective solution to keeping your solar panels clean and functional.

You can expect the following from solar panel cleaning services:

  • Confirmation from our team:

Our team will ensure the cleaning technicians arrive in a work vehicle at your house.

  • Evaluation and setup:

The professionals will first evaluate the roof to determine whether performing the solar panel cleaning job is safe. Our professionals maintain the quality standard to set up equipment and clean the solar panels. 

  • Cleaning procedures:

To ensure the highest level of cleanliness and hygiene in our services, we thoroughly follow a step-by-step process. Our cleaning procedure includes the following essential steps:

- We rinse all the solar panels. 

- Brush the panels with a high-quality solar panel brush and soap.

- Lastly, we finish by rinsing with deionized water for a spot free clean. 

Investing in solar panels is a smart decision, but without proper maintenance, it can significantly decrease energy output. At Ashton, we offer professional commercial solar panel cleaning services to keep your panels running at maximum efficiency

Commercial Solar Panel Cleaning Services Delivering Efficient Solutions

Services for cleaning solar panels improve system performance, increase panel longevity, and reduce your energy costs.

We utilize specialist cleaning equipment to provide easier access to the panels from the ground, such as extendable telescopic poles. Members of our skilled cleaning staff have received training in safe roof walking. Our team prioritizes system, roof, and worker safety before panel cleaning. Let us take care of the logistics so you may benefit fully from solar energy. 

Commercial Solar Panel Cleaning services

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many people will come to my home for commercial solar panel cleaning?

Usually, there are at most three workers on the job. One or two people perform smaller jobs.

What are forms of payment accepted?

We prefer cheques or cash. But customers can pay through electronic payments, or even credit cards are accepted for your convenience.

Can your cleaning services disclose their charges?

Prices vary based on the ladder work, size, and shape of windows. But a general pricing guideline is around $5 to $16 per pane.

Based on 4 reviews
Aliyah Babb
Aliyah Babb
My windows had many spots and now I can see clear! Thanks for the hard work!
Ellen Chapman
Ellen Chapman
Thank you Quinton! Our solar panels look great. I know the pine needles weren’t fun but you did a great job.
tracey clemons
tracey clemons
Amazing amazing!!! My solar panels were so clean after Quinton was done. I could see the trees reflecting off the panels, I have never seen them that clean. Quinton was fantastic explaining the process. He also took a sample of my water to explain how the hard water and chemicals were leaving a film on my panels. I was trying to save money by washing them off with my hose and a little bit of dawn soap. He even explained how the rain was even leaving behind a residue, therefore; the panels were not working to its full capacity. Quinton is very knowlegable and personable and took his time doing a great job. Thank you for the great job and hopefully will see an increase in my solar production. I will have to have him back to clean the solar panels on my R.V once I get then installed 😊
Dannell Clemons
Dannell Clemons
Ashton Solar Panel Cleaning came cleaned my windows they did such a great job that daughter and dog ran into sliding glass door lol thank you for doing a great job.